Ian Wilson -- Discovery Guru, Linux Nerd.

Bringing DevOps, Agile Development, Microservices, and Cloud technologies together.

Looking for needles in a haystack with your discovery plans and RFP's? Easy. Developers having issues deploying to production? We can have a game plan laid out before lunch.

Looking for your smoking gun? I have a unique combination of legal, business, software development and IT backgrounds, and can help you with your discovery plans, searches, and go past being a document review service -- I can provide eDiscovery expertise and support throughout the case coupled with bleeding edge forensics, automatic with human-assited foreign language translation, and cutting-edge computer software, much of which I have developed and perfected over the course of the last five years.

Operations teams pushing to production manually? Developers stumbling to build software and push it properly? I utilize industry-standard tools such as Chef, Vagrant, Docker, and Kubernetes, I will build a suite of tools that allow developers production-like enviornments on their local/development systems for rapid application development with minimal hassle in setting up their local workstations. I have experience in building large-scale microservices-based deployments using opensource and commercial build and delivery tools. Let me integrate, test, and show your operations teams how to get every drop of performance out of your new Openshift cluster or Openstack stack.

Interested in chatting with me? Feel free to contact me or download a copy of my resume.