Ian Wilson ‐ Linux Nerd, DevOps Hero.

I don't stalk -- I ptrace.

Management Experience, Developer Mindset.

Need a well-tenured developer with the vision of an architect, value-mindset of a MBA, and leadership of a CTO?

I have both the experience that you need along with industry contacts -- identifying buy v. build opportunities to maximize and identify ROI possibilities, helping identify and write powerful tie-in software that enables a tight integration of CRM, sales automation, and support tools to provide a unified dashboard for all employees and C-level staff.

Develop Faster. Push to Production quicker.

My speciality is removing friction points between your developers and helping to build and make your application a world-class application.

By utilizing tools such as Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Packer, Vagrant, and Fabric I build a suite of tools that allow developers production-like environments on their local/development systems for rapid application development with minimal hassle in setting up their local workstations. I build a production-like environment locally for your system administrators to validate and test changes before they are moved to production.

My expertise in managing large-scale Postgresql, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, AWS, and Openstack instances bring scalability and cost savings to your cloud or traditional hosting bills.